In 2010 we discovered the extraordinary role that fungi plays in nature. As well as it's restorative functions and potential for healing and maintaining the health of Eco-systems. Since then we have researched, practised and applied techniques of mushroom cultivation. From there we connected with other innovative organisations, and together we are on a quest to foster a new conception of mycology (the study

of fungi). We are expanding awareness of mushrooms from identification and eating, in order to unravel the full potential of mushrooms to detoxify, support and enhance our environment and ourselves. No one system acts alone and there is no cure-all magic spell. This is why our mission goes beyond standard Mycology to an integrated systems approach that works effectively on many levels.


Our mission is to act as a platform to encourage a spirit of investigation and experimentation in the area of mycology. As well as develop systems and technologies to create mineral rich soil, clean water and to provide nutrient dense food and medicine. With strong community ties and creative facilitation we aim to restore, support and strengthen ecosystems, along with the humans within it, in order to create resilience for the future.


Environmental Stewardship

Quality produce

Guided by permaculture principles, we create opportunities for natural systems to grow & develop efficiently for their purpose. All of our work is complimentary to our social and ecological environment and we strive for improvement. Lowering energy consumption and using peoples waste are a few of our methods.


Underpinning our work is a strong commitment to the principles of organic cultivation. The nutrient dense gourmet and medicinal mushrooms we produce use locally sourced, quality waste materials in their growth cycle.



Community Collaboration

Locally Minded

Our passion lies in not only including community in our work but actually transforming community to reflect the motivations and massive capabilities of mushrooms.


We systematically achieve this long term goal using inspiration, optimism, courage and belief. We believe in connecting with other people. We also believe in grassroots movements. Imagine utilising a local skills network with access to resources, which draws from a diverse range of expertise. What could be created from that positive synergy?




A Commitment to Open Source Research and Learning

Our approach develops in accordance with the location we are working in. Primarily based in the UK we pride ourselves on the expansion and development of a bank of native mushrooms that are better adapted to our environmental conditions.




We do not profess to be experts and are continually learning and developing our knowledge and practice in a transparent manner. Emphasis is on low cost, easily maintained mushroom production and remediation practices. As well as raising awareness around the ecological importance of fungi and its connection to plant and human health. We share our research and findings and are thankful of others that allow us to learn from them.




We use our commercial operations as a vehicle to achieve social and environmental goals. The cross over allows us to provide an example of ‘community monitored agriculture'. Where encouragement to visit the grow site ensures high standards of practise and products; as well as a more personal and rigorous approach to quality

and safety certification.


The last 3 years developing a small-scale indoor growing facility has been a labour of love. Our space is set

high on a hill between Todmorden and Hebden Bridge at Pextenement Farm: an organic diary farm and award winning cheese producer.  The demonstration site has really paid off and we are now expanding a small outdoor cultivation/research space in order to grow mushrooms as companions to plants. We utilise all the processes of cultivation: from collection of spores to lab culture and mycellium growth through to the final fruiting of the mushrooms. We do this by emphasising ‘closed loop cycles’ throughout our business practise. For example, waste products are fed back into our systems to create efficient and robust processes. A stacked systems approach allows us many benefits as well. Such as the ability to incorporate a wide range of mushroom species within one space by constructing and organising in a manner that takes advantage of the different light, humidity, and gaseous conditions, which different areas of the space can provide.

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