"We aim to passionately impart a deep understanding of our subject to people from all walks of life. In turn, we hope that the transparency we provide in sharing our own journey will inspire and equip

people to teach others."

- Beth Morgan, R&F Founder


We currently run informative and fun, hands-on workshops in mushroom cultivation for the home garden, small-holding and woodland.


We usually deliver activities in conjunction with education centre's and groups, and have been lucky to have shared our learning with some really exciting and progressive organisations, including Laya Point Permaculture Education Centre, Northumberland Transition Movement and Growing Well. We hope to inspire people, so that they incorporate mycology into their own endeavors.


In 2016 we will be delivering workshops, talks and open days from our demonstration site, so watch this

space and keep in touch for more details.

"A beautiful venue, with

mind-blowing content, amazing food

and brilliant delivery. My understanding of

the world has changed fundamentally."

- Kay Hebbourn, Ulverston

Most of our workshops include an introductory presentation, group work activities and hands-on practical mushroom cultivation exercises. You don't need to be an expert, we will help you every step of the way to becoming the Mushroom Cultivator you aspire to be. We hope to see you there!

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Rooting and Fruiting takes a rounded approach to consultancy and project management. We provide

socio-ecological design and integration of fungi into small-holdings, commercial set-ups, community

food growing programmes, forestry and urban green spaces.


A big focus of our work is around encouraging community participation and encouraging individuals and businesses learning and skills development.  In particular, we have been supporting people to design and grow their own small scale mushroom production facility. We continue to work on improving and adapting  our high-tech, low cost methods of production.

Projects we work with:

Red Rose Forest

Growing Well

Layapoint Permaculture

Gorton Growing Together

Gorton Grows

Equinox Kambucha

Black Bark


"Rooting and Fruiting were very flexible and listened to the needs of the community group when working on this project. They explained the complexities of mushroom growing and enthused people with their approach."

- Hilary Wood, Red Rose Forest about Gorton Growing Together



Based in the back of Gorton Community Centre in East Manchester, we helped transform an unused green space into a neighbourhood allotment and event space with support from a range of partners – including

Red Rose Forest, the Groundwork charity and International Construction Services (ISG). The project was initiated to attract local people and families, and provide training on growing their own food and

affordable eating.


The garden features 60 recycled containers re-purposed as planters, a portion of which have been lowered and set adjacent to the gardens path to accommodate people with disabilities and older people, along with

a polytunnel for longer term growing throughout the year. A separate lower bedding area has also been set aside for pupils at the local Abbey Hey Lane Primary School, so that they can learn about food production.


Rooting and Fruiting has delivered a range of workshops over a 4 month period to encourage the use

of mushrooms within the allotment site – for food production and for plant resilience and vitality. Local residents that have been involved, particularly benefited from understanding the vast roles mushrooms play in the garden environment.


Rooting and Fruiting was invited to further it's work in Gorton by assisting a local community-led project to revitalise and improve the Yellow Brick Road, a 1km stretch of a commuter path connecting the Fallowfield loop with Ashton canal. The committed and passionate labour of a small local group was assisted by the government scheme, Community Payback, and funded by Manchester City Council. They tidied up the path with cardboard and wood-chip mulch, and inter-planted with an array of medicinal herbs, fruit trees and bushes for the public to enjoy and utilise.


The addition of mushrooms supports the sound organic permaculture principles and techniques of natural farming used within the project, including regenerating the soil with Effective Microorganisms.

We undertook landscaping work to create an oyster mushroom bed, using inoculated Hessian sacks to

provide a demonstration of mushrooms for urban food production; and a King Stropharia wood-chip bed,  designed to further inoculate the paths stretch in order to improve soil fertility, knit together the wood

chip and soil, and provide another source of sustenance.


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