Edible + Medicinal Log Cultivation

Growing mushrooms on logs is an exciting process. There’s something spectacular about following the natural method of inoculation, and anticipating the mycelium developing within the sapwood, awaiting the surface to soften before fruiting begins. Learn the benefits and intricacies of this style of cultivation.

'Myco' landscaping

Find out about the myriad ways to grow mushrooms in your garden and explore the benefits of allying fungi with the garden landscape and ecology. Mushrooms can be invited into the shadier areas of the garden as additional crops where other edibles may not grow. Explore how to fit them into pretty much every nook and cranny where they can provide extremely beneficial relationships; from creating garden bed borders to regenerating old orchards.

Mushroom Mulches + Integrated Fungi-Food Gardening

Using a no dig method, which places importance of preserving the delicate structure of soil and microbiology, we can further support plant health by incorporating beneficial fungi into mulch layers and dug-in borders. Mushrooms chosen for this workshop include, the Garden Giant which has the versatility to grow on many mediums such as wood-chip and leafy matter whilst integrating with the soil and proliferating; and Nemeko which can be used to inoculate partially buried logs in order to support Blueberry plant health. Take the knowledge and some activated mulch home to try out for yourself.

Soil Fertility

Without fungi, we wouldn’t have humus rich soil, which is made primarily of dead fungi remains and is vital to soil fertility. In fact, fungi has many roles to play in soil health including the extraction of minerals from rocks making them accessible to plants; Phosphorous being of primary concern. Fungi turns rock to soil and penetrates deep ground, allowing roots to reach further and it creates a spongy texture which maintains moisture and good aeration. In addition, most plants have relationships with specialised fungi, which act as an extension of the plants root system. Find out so much more on this workshop so you can create superb soil for yourself.

Home Grown Gourmet Mushrooms

Learn how to build a basic still air box for creating sterile agar plates, grain spawn; and inoculate small bags and jars for fruiting mushrooms at home. Examine the different mushrooms to grow and the materials you can grow them on. Determine the best fruiting methods, including simple steps to maintain the right light and humidity conditions. Produce a fruiting bag to take away.

The Amazing World of Fungi for Children

We provide half-day workshop for children, introducing them to the fungi kingdom and it role in nature, as well as the many fascinating areas where mushrooms can be used to help our environment and our own health. Drawing upon science, maths and literacy, children love getting their hands dirty to produce a Tetra-pack mushroom box. Children take their boxes away and continue to learn about growing conditions, how to prepare and cook their mushrooms, and experience their taste and smell.

“The workshop with Beth and Oz was amazing. Full of innovative uses for mushrooms in harmony with our veggie and fruit crops. I can't wait to see the results in my garden for years to come. Without a doubt it was the most interesting course I've done since my PDC. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!”

- La La, Laya Point Permaculture


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